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I was skeptical at first, I struggle with inflammation/thyroid, autoimmune and digestive issues… but I scheduled my first Reiki session and it was interesting how she knew…. Or could feel it.. in spots I could feel tingly, warmth, even cold sensations. At one point she was at my thyroid and I couldn’t quit coughing (weird) but after I just felt lighter relaxed and just overall better. Not to mention I absolutely love Donetta!!!!

Would recommend: Yes

Felicia R.


"When I had my very first Reiki session with Donnetta it was so informative, and hard to explain the warm sensations I was feeling in my stomach and throat during my session. I had some test run with my G.I Dr. A week before my session and later was diagnosed with Barretts esophagus, and inflammation in my stomach. I was on the fence about Reiki until I experienced it! I will definitely use this healing method again."

Would Recommend: Yes

Amber R.


Donnetta was wonderful. I am a spiritual/religious person and it comforted me that she is a well. We started the session with a prayer and donnetta invited Heavenly Father to join us. She was very calm, she walked me through everything so nothing was a surprise, she gave me wonderful insight. My health has been an “unknown“ issue for the medical world for years and It’s exhausting. Donnetta made me feel heard and had understanding. I truly left feeling lighter and lifted.

Would Recomment:  Yes

Kristin C. 


Crystal M.

Wow! I just had a reiki infused facial with Donnetta and it was wonderful!! It was so relaxing and my skin feels so much better! Even my teenager complimented me saying how nice and fresh my skin was. I highly recommend this treatment, you will love it! February 27, 2024



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