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I was skeptical at first, I struggle with inflammation/thyroid, autoimmune and digestive issues… but I scheduled my first Reiki session and it was interesting how she knew…. Or could feel it.. in spots I could feel tingly, warmth, even cold sensations. At one point she was at my thyroid and I couldn’t quit coughing (weird) but after I just felt lighter relaxed and just overall better. Not to mention I absolutely love Donetta!!!!

Would recommend: Yes

Felicia R.


"When I had my very first Reiki session with Donnetta it was so informative, and hard to explain the warm sensations I was feeling in my stomach and throat during my session. I had some test run with my G.I Dr. A week before my session and later was diagnosed with Barretts esophagus, and inflammation in my stomach. I was on the fence about Reiki until I experienced it! I will definitely use this healing method again."

Would Recommend: Yes

Amber R.


Donnetta was wonderful. I am a spiritual/religious person and it comforted me that she is a well. We started the session with a prayer and donnetta invited Heavenly Father to join us. She was very calm, she walked me through everything so nothing was a surprise, she gave me wonderful insight. My health has been an “unknown“ issue for the medical world for years and It’s exhausting. Donnetta made me feel heard and had understanding. I truly left feeling lighter and lifted.

Would Recomment:  Yes

Kristin C. 


Pebbles on the Sand

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