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Energy Work Questions

There are a lot of questions that people have when visiting a Reiki Practitioner, Intuitive, Energy or Lightworker.Below are some of the most common questions I have been asked.If something is still unclear, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.Thank you. 

Do you help treat terminal or chronic illness?

Reiki and other forms of Energy healing should be considered and used as a supplement to your regular health care.  While Reiki is frequently used in hospitals and other health settings, it is not intended to be a substitute for your regular care.  That being said, Reiki or other energy sessions will help to promote increased Life-Force Energy (chi) which can help your mind, body and spirit to relax and rest, which may easily result in aiding your healing process.  

How should I prepare for my first treatment?

Whether you are having a Reiki, Chakra Aura Cleansing & Balancing, Spirit Guided Energy Healing, you will likely spend most of the appointment time lying down, so it is suggested that you wear comfortable, non-binding clothes.  If possible, limit your caffeine intake prior to your appointment to aid in your relaxation.  Come without expectation but with clear intention.  So, in other words, do not anticipate or expect a specific outcome.  Rather, set your intention to be and remain open to the process to receive loving energy, messages and guidance.  You may bring something to record your session so you can go back and listen to it.  You may also want to bring a journal with to write down your feelings, thoughts and emotions about your session.  Journaling helps to “sink in” or “stick” the energy work that is completed.

Just what, exactly, is Reiki?

Simply put, Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing technique that promotes stress reduction and relaxation by increasing life force energy in the body and encouraging healing throughout the mind, body, and spirit. Life force energy exists in every living thing but is depleted when you become sick or stressed. Reiki helps to increase and restore it.  Reiki complements other healing methods and can be used in conjunction with any other medicine or treatments. It is safe to use any place, any time, and in any situation promoting overall health, wellness, rest and relaxation.

Additional Common Questions and Answers 

I’m a very private person.  I see you’re located inside a salon.  Can I trust that my session with you is private?

I, too, am a very private person and feel that everyone has the right to their privacy.  I will always guard your privacy with the utmost respect.  The salon I am located at is very peaceful, quiet and low traffic (there is only one other practitioner at the salon).  Most people tell me that when they enter my studio, they feel very much at ease, safe, relaxed and peaceful.  You can rest assured that anyone else inside the salon will not be able to hear any portion of your session.  You can also rest assured that everything that transpires in your session remains with you and I.  You can trust that this same respect for your privacy is granted during a distance session, as well.  Should you have additional concerns, please reach out to me.   


What will I feel during a Reiki or Energy Session?  What if I don’t “feel” anything during my session?  Does this mean it didn’t work?

Often times people feel very relaxed and even a floating sensation.  Slow or sudden warmth or cooling of the whole body or just in areas; tingling, feeling light in the body; sensing or seeing light of various hues and shades are all common occurrences during a Reiki or other energy healing session.  It is also true that some people don’t feel anything at all, other than being very relaxed.  Whatever you feel or don’t feel, is just right.  The energy is still doing the work it needs to do.  Many times, clients have shared with me that they didn’t feel anything specific during or after the session but stated, they had ease for going to sleep, higher quality sleep, greater ease of managing anxiety, improved digestion, clarity of mind, less distracted, and so on.  In some instances, following a Spirit Guided Energy Healing Sessions, clients have reported that they had the clarity to make a big decision they had been putting off, were better able to connect with their own intuition, and felt a deeper Spiritual Awareness with an improvement in their own personal studies.  The important thing is to remain open, curious and aware during and after your session.  Journaling about your experience immediately following your session as well as regular journaling in the days/weeks following will help you track your improvements and other results. 


How often do I need a Reiki or other kind of session?

The frequency that you have a session, or any combination of sessions, is completely up to you.  It’s important to allow the Energy to do and complete the work and good to stay away from things that will “undo” what’s been accomplished.  (see OK, my session is over, now what? below) Often times the reason you are seeking energy work is something that you may have come into this lifetime with or something that has taken a toll on you for years, so you may need a few, or more sessions, to fully integrate the energetic changes.  You may find that you want to return in a week, or perhaps once a month or just on an as needed basis.  Whatever you feel is just right and as it should be.  If you’d like to arrange for a “package” of services, I can help you with that, as well.

How do I know if I need Reiki, Chakra Aura Cleansing & Balancing or a Spirit Guided Session?   

You may not know, but when looking at the Services Menu, if one session stands out to you over another, then go with the one that stands out; that is trusting your intuition.  If you are still in doubt, please reach out to me and I will intuitively guide you. 


OK, my session is over, now what?

Drink water!  Now, drink more water!  As the energy is moved through you during your session, it’s important to keep it moving out and water is the best way to do so.  In addition to drinking water, you may want to take an Epsom Salt or Sea Salt bath or shower.  Choose the salt and scent that feels right for you.  If you don’t have a bathtub, you can put salt in a small satchel (or even a clean sock) and tie or rubber band it to the shower head so that the water comes through the salt satchel and spills over your body. 

What is a Spirit Guided Energy Healing Session?

I will scan your body for any stuck energy, and seek guidance from your team of Higher Self, Angels, Arch Angels, Guardians, and passed loved ones as well as energy healing, breathing techniques, identifying and releasing cords and attachments, meditation guidance, and more are all possible.  There is no way to predict what will or will not occur during the session.   You may want to come to the sessions seeking answers to questions about your life purpose, past/current life circumstances or to seek ways to feel more balanced, less stressed, anxious or depleted or simply just be open to wherever Spirit leads us.

Is there anything I should be concerned or anxious about while having a Reiki or other Energy session with you?

All my work is Christ Centered and completed within The Light.  Where there is Light, darkness cannot exist, and healing can be lovingly invited, guided and promoted. That being said, you can expect that I will always ask God, the Divine, to be with us during a session.  You will have nothing to be worried or anxious about. 

Can I record my session with you?

Yes, absolutely! It’s great to go back and listen to the session to help you process the results of your session.


I can’t get to your studio; how do distance sessions work and how do I schedule one?

You may schedule your distance session with me through my on-line booking link.  Prior to your session we will decide if you prefer FaceTime, Voxer or Phone connection or if you prefer no technology.  Either way you prefer is just perfect and the energy work will be accomplished just the same. 

What’s with the Intuitive Card Readings?  I’ve heard this stuff is just woo-woo and for entertainment only. 

Honestly, I used to feel and think the same!  Tarot is one of the oldest human-made systems of using Divination tools.  (As opposed to nature made tools such as stones, runes, dowsing sticks, crystals and such.)  As the centuries passed, organized, published Tarot decks have been created by many inspired Readers and Healers.  Contrary to popular belief they do not necessarily predict the future but rather help guide you with processing past and current, which in turn can help guide you in your future.  While I am drawn to working with a couple of Oracle decks,  I have learned to use various card decks intuitively and I am always amazed with just how accurate they can be!

Your list of services states that you also offer services as a Guest Speaker.  What’s that about?  Can you come speak at my women’s group/my business luncheon?  What if my group is non-profit and we can’t afford to pay for a guest speaker? 

The answer is Yes!  I hold certifications in all the areas that I work and would love to share with your group, organization, team, business, etc.  Presentations can be tailored to meet your specific needs.  As part of my service to others, I am pleased to be able to work with non-profit organizations and groups.

You’re also a Coach/Mentor?

Yes!  I am certified to teach, coach and mentor in all the areas of energy that I work in.  We can meet to discuss how my services will best suit you individually or for that of your small group.  I will publish further details on my programs as I further develop them.  Meanwhile, please don’t hesitate to let me know of any questions you have.   

How do I schedule with you?

I use Schedulicity for all of my scheduling.  My lash clients have successfully used this easy to use platform since 2012.  Whereas you may see in my menu of services that I have a still offer lash services to established clients, you will also find all of my energy work offerings in the menu as well.  You will find the link to my booking calendar in the SERVICES TAB at the top of the page. 

What if I’m not sure if the session helped me, do you offer refunds?

Sometimes we can see, feel or sense that the energy work has done what is needed.  Other times we can’t.  We must trust that the energy is doing what it knows how to do and that it is doing exactly what is needed.  It is common for the energy to continue to work, for hours, days, weeks or longer.  Sometimes we are only aware of the result of the session when we can look back on it.  That being said, I do not offer refunds for any of the services I provide. 

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